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Simple, Affordable Online Privacy and Security for Broadband Subscribers

Broadband Subscribers Need Protection

Smart homes with at least
one vulnerable device
Million smart homes
in the US alone
Broadband customers  
experienced a cyber attack
Number of home devices
utilized in the Dyn cyber attack

Enabling a Safe, Private and Equitable Internet for Everyone

Kavalan is a simple, affordable online privacy and security solution to protect every device in your subscribers homes. No software to install, no devices to buy. Broadband providers can offer Kavalan as a bundle or stand alone offering to their subscribers. One click enrollment and provisioning for broadband subscribers.

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Kavalan Features

  • No software to install, no devices to buy
  • Protects laptops, smartphones,  smart TVs, tablets, smart speakers and more
  • Automatically blocks malware, phishing, botnets and more
  • Blocks adult content
  • Blocks privacy violating ads, trackers, beacons, pixels and data brokers on every device
  • Lets users block what they want - apps, websites
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Elevating DNS Filtering to Intelligent Digital Safety

Kavalan Intelligent Digital Safety uses the power of DNS filtering to offer an easily deployable and easy-to-use solution. Kavalan leverages Nandi Security's threat intelligence sources, content filtering databases, privacy filtering capabilities and most uniquely, our App Intelligence to identify and block security and privacy violations across the entire home.

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