Enabling Cybersecurity Revenue Streams For Internet Service Providers


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Topic: 'How to educate broadband subscribers on cyber safety?'

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what we can address together

Connected Homes Need Protection

Smart homes with at least
one vulnerable device
Million smart homes
in the US
Broadband customers  
experienced a cyber attack
Number of home devices
utilized in the Dyn cyber attack

Schools and Small Businesses Need Protection

Schools that experienced a cyber attack
Cyber attacks that target SMBs
Farms have connected equipment
Average number of  devices in an SMB

technology integrations

Nandi Security Integrates With Fortinet And Cisco To Extend Enterprise Grade Cybersecurity To Subscriber Homes

FortiDNS And Kavalan

Powerful cyber threat protection delivered through FortiDNS capabilities in Fortigate NGFW combined with industry leading online privacy protection and personalized insights from Kavalan. The joint solution enables broadband service providers to generate new revenue streams by delivering cybersecurity for smart home and small business subscribers.
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Umbrella Easy Protect And Kavalan

A cloud based joint solution that combines powerful cyber threat protection from Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect combined with industry leading online privacy protection and personalized insights from Kavalan. The joint solution enables broadband service providers to generate new revenue streams by delivering cybersecurity for smart home and small business subscribers.
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increase market reach

Enabling Cybersecurity Revenue Streams Inside and Outside Coverage Area

Gain new revenue streams from delivering a safer, cleaner internet to new subscribers including:
  • Connected And Smart Homes
  • Small Businesses
  • K-12 Schools
  • Connected Farms
  • Multi-Dwelling Units
  • Co-working Spaces

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why partner with us?

Enabling Broadband Providers To Evolve From Connectivity Providers To Providers Of Trust

Revenue share partnership model. We make revenue only if you make revenue. No sales minimums.
Zero capex needed. Kavalan is a Nandi Security managed cloud based firewall. No hardware or devices to buy. Use your existing hardware.
One experience for all! Standardize your subscriber experience across Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), Cable Modem, DSL and Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) subscribers.
Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) agnostic. Kavalan can be set up at the router level or at the on-premise gateway. No van drive needed!
Can be deployed to all subscribers or to only subscribers that opt-in.
Works with your existing networking equipment or gateway devices. Set up in just minutes.

Partnership Case Study: New Revenue Streams In 5 Steps

Read how one rural broadband service provider increased their average revenue per user (ARPU) and provided a cleaner, safer internet to their subscribers in just a matter of days.

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The Story Of One Rural BSP

customer needs we can jointly address

Blocking Cyber Threats and Privacy Violations

Protect unlimited devices in homes, schools and small businesses. Protect everyone in the home from thousands of privacy threats every day.

Cyber Threat Protection

Automatically block malware, botnets, phishing, key loggers and more on unlimited devices in homes, schools and small businesses. Reduce risk by blocking malicious ads on apps and websites.

Online Privacy

Block privacy threats and violations across every app, device and website used in the home. Block ads, trackers, pixels, data brokers and more. Reduce COPPA risk by enabling schools to protect children's data from being accessed by unauthorized entities.

Adult Content Blocking

Enable a cleaner internet with subscriber opt-in based adult content blocking. Enable adherence to adult content laws in Utah, Arkansas, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Montana.

Content Filtering

Enable blocking of curated social media, gaming and streaming apps. Empower customers to customize blocking for their home or business.
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Value to customers

Person with multiple connected devices

Reduced Cyber Risk And Increased Customer Satisfaction

Simple, comprehensive protection for unlimited devices

  • No software to install, no hardware or devices to buy. Set up in minutes and protect every device.
  • Protection across every app, device and website used.
  • Increased online safety and privacy for children
  • Personalized dashboard with unique insights and activity reports.
  • Ability to customize and block what they want.
view kavalan in action

How we do it?

Customizable Cloud Firewalls

Kavalan is a cloud based firewall service created and managed by Nandi Security. No maintenance cost for internet service providers. Homes, schools, small business, connected farm and co-working spaces can be provisioned with a customizable dedicated cloud firewall in just seconds.

Deliver Kavalan protection to your subscribers in minutes. Customers can enroll in with just a few clicks or a single phone call. No van drive needed.
view a demo of kavalan home protection

The Win-Win: Protecting your customers and increasing ARPU

Learn how one rural broadband provider was able to block cyber threats including botnets, malware, phishing right at the subscriber homes and increase ARPU at the same time, with no capex.


Kavalan Product Tiers and Features

Key Features
Kavalan Light
Kavalan Standard
Automatic blocking of malware, botnets, phishing, spam and more
Automatic blocking of trackers, data brokers and privacy violators
Personalized dashboard and insights
48 hour DNS query deletion
Email Support
Block/Unblock curated apps
Block/Unblock what you want
Customizable Individual Cloud Firewall
Adult Content Blocking
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Elevating DNS Filtering to Intelligent Digital Safety

Kavalan Intelligent Digital Safety uses the power of DNS filtering to offer an easily deployable, opt-in based solution. Kavalan leverages Nandi Security's threat intelligence sources, content filtering databases, privacy filtering capabilities and most uniquely, our App Intelligence to identify and block security and privacy violations across the entire home.

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