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Privacy and Security Threats in the Connected Home

Threats to our online privacy and security are increasing every day. Devices, Apps, Internet Search Engines, Internet Service Providers, Streaming Services, Televisions and more collect information about us thousands of times a day! Malware, botnets, phishing, key loggers and more target us and our devices every day.
The average number of connected devices in a US household
The average number of apps installed on a smartphone
The number of malicious ads per month every single person is exposed to in a connected home
The percentage of home internet routers vulnerable to hackers

Intelligent Digital Safety for
Connected Homes and Small Businesses

No software to install, no devices to buy

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Simple, Affordable Privacy and Security

  • Protect all devices in your home or small business including laptops,  smart phones, televisions, etc from online threats
  • Protect your privacy across all devices, apps, websites.
  • Free 30 day trial. No credit card needed! Try it on one device OR try it for your whole home. Your choice!
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Do you wonder?

How much information is being collected from our connected devices?
Do our phones listen to every word we speak?
How prevalent is surveillance marketing in our daily lives?
Do our Internet Service Providers really protect our privacy?

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Our Mission

To enable a more secure, private and equitable internet for everyone

Why we care

We are a US based team of cybersecurity experts with decades of experience in cybersecurity. We believe there cannot be a realistic conversation about online safety without privacy at the forefront. Protecting your home or small business against online threats should not be complicated or expensive. We also believe that families and business owners need control over the data that is being shared about them. Our work is intended to shine a light on the hundreds of daily privacy and security violations in our connected home and our product is our first step to helping families protect themselves more comprehensively.

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