Intelligent Digital Safety

Protect Everything, Protect Everyone


Connected Home Residents

  • Protect unlimited devices in your home including laptops, gaming systems, smart appliances and more.
  • Protect your privacy across all devices, apps, websites.
  • Free 30 day trial. Try Kavalan on one device OR try it for your whole home. Your choice!
Protect your home

Internet Service Providers

  • Increase your ARPU with a cybersecurity revenue stream
  • Gain new business with subscribers inside and outside your fiber coverage area
  • Protect your subscribers from privacy and cyber threats across every device, app and website they use
protect your subscribers

Cyber Insurance Providers

  • Reduce risk on personal cyber insurance products
  • Protect your customers against phishing, malware, botnets and more
  • Increase ARPU with a cybersecurity offering on personal and business cyber insurance products
protect your customers

Small Businesses

  • Protect against phishing, malware, botnets and other cyber threats
  • Protect your network from employee owned and guest devices
  • Reduce cyber risk across all apps, devices and websites accessed on your wi-fi network
Protect your business

Privacy and Security Threats in the Connected Home

Threats to our online privacy and security are increasing every day. Devices, Apps, Internet Search Engines, Streaming Services, Televisions and more collect information about us thousands of times a day! Malware, botnets, phishing, key loggers and more target us and our devices every day.
The average number of connected devices in a US household
The average number of apps installed on a smartphone
The number of malicious ads per month  per person per home
The percentage of home internet routers vulnerable to hackers
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Intelligent Digital Safety for Homes and Small Businesses

No software to install, no devices to buy

Set up in 5 minutes or less

Comprehensive Protection

Protect unlimited devices including laptops, smart TVs, smart lightbulbs, smart TVs, smart phones, smart door locks, conferencing systems and more.

  • Icon showing flexibility

    Use on one device, individual devices or whole home - your choice

  • Gear like icon showing control

    Automatic blocking of the bad. Control what you want block in your home

  • Icon showing insights that can be gained from Kavalan

    Rolling 24 hour dashboard showing threats blocked, insights on activity and active advisory on privacy data exposure

Compare Product Tiers

Key Features
Kavalan Light
Kavalan Standard
Automatic blocking of malware, botnets, phishing, spam and more
Automatic blocking of trackers, data brokers and privacy violators
Personalized dashboard and insights
48 hour DNS query deletion
Email Support
Block/Unblock curated apps
Block/Unblock what you want
Customizable Individual Cloud Firewall
Adult Content Blocking
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Recognition and Press

Silicon Review Magazine Label for 30 innovative brands of the year 2023
30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2023
Top 10 most trusted cybersecurity companies to watch in 2022
Tycoon Success Logo
Tycoon Success Magazine Top 10 cybersecurity companies to watch for in 2022

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Nandi Security Announces Availability of Kavalan Standard - a New Intelligent Digital Safety Product for Connected Homes

April 11th 2023
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Nandi Security Announces Appointment to Drive Commercial Growth in New Market Opportunities and Key Strategic Partnerships

July 18th 2023
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