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Have you wondered if your phone is listening to you? Do you worry that you may be watched through your laptop or phone camera? Do you worry about how much information is collected about you and your family by companies and social networks? Do you worry about what rights you are giving up every time you agree to the terms and conditions of a new product or service you sign up for? If you do, this blog is for you!

We hope to educate, build awareness and hopefully, even entertain you with our musings on the state of online privacy and security with this blog.

Home IoT and the cybersecurity revenue opportunity for broadband service providers

The economic impact of connecting a home to the internet is several orders of magnitude larger than the cost of connectivity. Whole new economies have emerged around the creation, consumption, distribution and storage of data. Broadband service providers are the enablers of these economies and new revenue opportunities abound.
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That Uneasy Feeling ... Like You Are Being Watched

Is there a link between our online privacy and the 4th Amendment? Will legislation and fines be able to assure us a more private and secure internet experience? What are the lessons of history? The need to take control by ourselves is now more than ever before.
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Honey, What Is Our Monthly Prime Vulnerability Moment Bill?

Do we pay different prices for products and services based on what data is collected about us? Could we be excluded or discriminated against as a result of the data that our apps collect about us? What are the real, tangible costs to our wallet as a result of companies collecting data about us thousands of times each day?
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Connected, Unprotected Devices And Apps - What Can Go Wrong?

We have a connected home. How often do we pause to think what is the Attack Surface of your connected home to someone with malicious intent? Homes today have storage, compute and networking that rival a small enterprise from 20 years back. So, don't we need to think about the online security and privacy risk that comes with it?
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A September's Tale Of (Non) Privacy

What really happens in the connected home? Who is listening to us? Who is collecting information about us? Where is information being shared? Are devices and the websites we access communicating with known violators of our privacy?
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"Mom, Dad - Who Is Our Family's Chief Privacy Officer?"

How aware do we need to be about our online privacy? How much information is being collected about us daily? How many companies get access to our information every day? How do we, as Americans, take action and has there been precedent on similar issues?
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I Agree To Your Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy

How often do you click 'I agree' to 'Terms and Conditions' or 'Privacy Policy' on an app or website? Do you wonder what happens afterwards? Do you worry about what information you reveal to these companies and what they do with the information?
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