Internet Privacy Reality Check

A video series taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the state of online privacy and security today.

Information is collected about us on pretty much every activity we engage in on a digital device. Have you pondered any of these questions below:

What does the state of online privacy and security look like today?
Who collects our information every day?
What do they do with it?
What are the extent of privacy and security risks that this kind of monitoring expose us to?
How are the companies that collect this information proposing to protect it?

In this video series, we aim to educate, raise awareness and bring attention to a plethora of such issues - all with a bit of humor.
Adam buys a shoe

A tongue-in-cheek look at the current state of online privacy and security. When we indulge in the simple act of an internet search for a product, how many parties get involved in collecting information about us? How does our intent to search for a product on something like a search engine get reflected in what we see on a social network? The web of data collection about us is complex and happens thousands of times a day. What are the implications?

The new TV is leaky

Nov 21st is World Television Day. But this is the age of the internet connected TV. Gone are the days when the TV was a source of just information and entertainment for the viewer. The TV today is a window into our lives. We are watched, what we watch is watched, what we like is studied, we are nudged to buy products, we are fed information 'customized' to our tastes.  Our new TV's are chatty and are the new channel through which our privacy can be violated. This is our tongue-in-cheek view on the state of affairs today in the context of privacy and connected TVs.

You are the Product

We are the product. Services we use for free harvest and sell our information. Services we pay for also harvest and sell our information. Information about each of us yields over $2000 in revenue per year to these purveyors of our data.  Here is our tongue-in-cheek take on the monetization of our digital personas thousands of times every day.

The Great Resignation

2021 was called the Great Resignation. But there has been an even greater resignation amongst all of us for over a decade now. We are all resigned to the fact that data about us and our families are collected and monetized every day. We try our best to protect our online privacy and security but with the tools available to us today, the battle is uphill.

Birds of a feather FLoC together

They tell us our information is anonymized. But if everyone collects it and everyone shares it with other collectors, it doesn't take much math to figure out exactly who you are. When companies collect data from multiple sources and cross correlate, our privacy rapidly disappears. Our tongue-in-cheek take on the types of measure that these same companies are proposing to protect our privacy.

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